Are you interested in volunteering for MamboSteunPunt? Please first read the information below. You can contact us by e-mail; info@mambosteunpunt.org, explaining what you would like to contribute to.

General Information

The inhabitants of Mambo are happy to work with people who contribute to their development. Help is needed in many aspects, such as healthcare, education, infrastructure and entrepreneurship. If you have specific professional skills or knowledge to share we are very happy to hear your ideas on how you can assist.

MamboSteunPunt is happy to support positive initiatives but is not able to pay salaries or even costs for stay. This means volunteers have to take care of their own income. In general, we can give you the same advice as we give the Mambo villagers: get inspired, there are many possibilities for setting up a business or getting funding.

Friends of Mambo

We call our volunteers “Friends of Mambo”. As a friend of Mambo you will experience a pleasant stay at ecolodge MamboViewPoint. If the project is not close to Mambo other possibilities, like home stays, will be offered. MamboSteunPunt will connect you with a local organization or people who can benefit of your knowledge or with whom you can cooperate. In all cases the project will operate under the supervision of MamboSteunPunt and they will keep an eye on the project when you leave.

The project/activity has to last for at least 14 days and generally max 3 months in a row. Longer stays are possible as well. All, including a probation period.


We especially like to cooperate with companies who want to fill in their social responsibility. Not only you can sponsor one of our projects, but you also can send volunteers to make something happening. A good example is the project where we made 4 new bridges, which boosted the economy in the villages behind the bridges. This was done under supervision of 2 engineers from the company who paid for the bridges.

Our vision on volunteering

We want to prevent that volunteers take work from the local people. For example, local people know perfectly how to build a classroom, but they are happy to learn new building techniques from an architect. So if you have a certain skill or knowledge and you’re willing to share and transfer your knowledge to the villagers we are very happy to work with you.

Direct care, for example taking care of ill people, orphans or children is (as we see it) not a task of volunteers but a responsibility of the community.

People from all layers are involved in the projects. Men, women and children of all ages. However, in all cases there is a local structure like a school, a cooperation, a sports club with local leaders to which the project will be linked.

We are committing us to the Responsible Volunteering Code developed by the Responsible Tourism Partnership. Experiences of Friends of Mambo: http://mamboviewpoint.blogspot.com/


MamboViewPoint charges fair rates for accommodation and food. These costs are 100% for stay and food. They are based on the real costs. No profit is made. The profits of the lodge (if there are any) are coming from tourists. Even backpackers pay a higher rate compared to volunteers.

* price per person per night – level Jan 2022; change of prices due to various reasons possible

Still interested in volunteering and full of inspiration and good ideas? You can contact us by e-mail; info@mambosteunpunt.org, We would love to hear your ideas!